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Projekt „Ogólnopolski system wsparcia doradczego dla sektora publicznego, mieszkaniowego oraz przedsiębiorstw w zakresie efektywności energetycznej oraz OZE” to projekt realizowany przez Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej (NFOŚiGW) oraz Partnerów w 16 regionach na terenie całego kraju.

Offer of advisers This offer is free and addressed to everyone

For whom?

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Free training for Municipal Energy Specialist candidates are conducted within the scope of the Energy Consultancy Project..

Self-government entities may propose participants to be trained on a wide scope of issues concerning energy efficiency and renewable energy sources. A Municipal Energy Specialist is a person to support the execution of investments in the area of the municipality aimed at limiting the use of energy, decreasing air contaminations, and creating new renewable energy sources. An important area of activity is to raise the awareness of residents int the municipality on the reasons and effects of air contamination and other issues. The Municipal Energy Specialist supports not only the municipality but also all entities operating in the area, including enterprises, housing cooperatives, tenant management organizations and individuals.

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Who is a Municipal Energy Specialist?

An employee of the municipality, whose role is to support the growth of energy efficiency and RES:

  • Support in planning (e.g. low-carbon economy plan, energy supply, air-protection programme)
  • Identification of investment opportunities
  • Obtaining financial support
  • Tender procedure (e.g. energy purchase)
  • Knowledge of law regulations
  • Promotion of energy savings, use of RES
  • Organizational of educational activities

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Who may participate in the training?

Training participants are signed up by the head of the municipality /mayor /president of the town /staroste. Participants may include:

  • Employees of self-government entities
    • dealing with EE at work
    • to be dealing with EE following training
  • Persons not being employees of self-government entities, but to be employed in a self-government entity following training and to perform such tasks

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Training Programme

The Programme is divided into 3 blocks:

  • Legal conditions
    9 themes, 14 hours – 2 days
  • Technical knowledge
    7 themes, 14 hours – 2 days
  • Investment financing and execution
    10 themes, 14 hours – 2 days

The scope of training covers 26 themes, covered during 42 hours through 6 days


To sign up a participant, please

contact the Adviser Team in your region


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For whom?

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Are you planning investments that protect the environment?

Are you looking for financing to execute them?

Are you expecting a professionally adjusted offer?

Prepare for the discussion, by completing and submitting the questionnaire on the following page.

Our adviser will contact you!

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We encourage all interested Investors to contact us:

  • Individual entrepreneurs
  • Micro and small enterprises
  • Average-size establishments
  • Large industrial entities
  • Companies managed by self-government entities
  • State budget entities
  • Housing cooperatives and tenant management organizations
  • Churches and religious associations

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What do you gain?

We specialize in selecting financing to:

  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Use renewable energy sources (RES)
  • Limit emission of contaminations into the atmosphere
  • Decrease the use of fuel and raw materials

We will show you where to look for financing for other environment-improvement measures.


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We have knowledge on aid programmes in all voivodeships.

The grant/loan offer will include:

  • Financing from EU Funds within the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E) 2014-20, offered by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management [Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej, NFOŚiGW);
  • Funds from national programmes offered by the NFOŚiGW
  • Possible support through dedicated capital engagement on the part of the NFOSiGW
  • Financing programmes offered by individual Voivodeship Environmental Protection Programmes
  • Financing programmes within the pool of Regional Operational Programmes (ROP)


Contact us!

Complete the form below

and sent it to us.


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For whom?

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This offer is addressed to persons requesting financing for investments in the scope of energy efficiency and RES.

An energy audit is a task, which defines the scope as well as technical and economic parameters of an energy efficiency undertaking, which indicates an optimal solution accounting for the costs of the undertaking and achieved energy savings. It is required in case of requesting financing from the funds of the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E), regional operating programmes (ROP) and other public funds for investments aiming at limiting the consumption of thermal and/or electric energy.

Energy Advisers operating throughout the country, employed at the Voivodship Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management [Wojewódzki Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej, WFOŚiGW] and in the Lubelskie Voivodeship will support applicants in verification of documents.

The service is free of charge, and addressed to:

  • Public sector entities
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Housing cooperatives and tenant management organizations
  • Individuals

who execute energy efficiency investments.

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What do you gain?

An energy audit is required in case of investments such as:

  • Thermal upgrading of buildings
  • Modernization of heat sources
  • Modernization of a heating network
  • Modernization of lighting

As well as tasks related with enterprise modernization serving to decrease the consumption of thermal and/or electric energy.

Badly executed or incomplete energy audit may result in a prolongation of the assessment of the financing application, or even its rejection.

Energy Advisers check the compliance of the energy audit with the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure of 17 March 2009 on the detailed scope and form of energy audits, certain renovation audits, forms of audit cards, and the algorithm of evaluation of the profitability of the thermal upgrading investment (Journal of Laws from 2009 no. 43 item 346 as further amended), and verify it in terms of compliance with the criteria of the given source of financing.


You can make an appointment

or ask your adviser for more details..


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For whom?

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This consulting service is aimed at, amongst others,

  • Large and small enterprises
  • Housing cooperatives
  • Tenant management organization
  • State territorial entities (statistical offices, prison courts, fire service, schools, boarding schools)
  • Colleges/universities
  • Public authorities
  • The community and representatives of individual community groups

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What do you gain?

  • Knowledge on improvement of energy efficiency in your company
  • Information on renewable energy sources
  • Support during a verification of an energy audit
  • Consulting support in the area of implementing innovating and cost-effective solutions
  • You will learn what are the available market sources of financing energy sector investments

Make an appointment, our advisers are here to help throughout Poland!


You can make an appointment for individual consultations,

or ask your adviser for more details.

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For whom?

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The Low-Emission Economy Plan is a local document indicating the municipality’s plans in terms of rational management of energy in the given region.

The LEEP places significant emphasis on activities relating to the improvement of air quality.

An important element of analysis in the LEEP is the complexity of solutions and indicating a model role of the self government in aiming at executing low-emission and resource-saving investments, as well as through education and promotion of core issues, encouraging each energy use to shift to pro-ecological behaviour.

The LEEP demonstrates the current status in the municipality, in particular the level of energy consumption and the level of emission of contaminations into the air in the given municipality.

In the Plan, the municipality defines the goals and manner to achieve them by 2020. In particular, the Plan defines:

  • The level, to which greenhouse gas will be reduced, in particular carbon dioxide, CO2
  • How to limit energy use of all recipients
  • How to increase the use of renewable energy sources
  • The level of reported exceeded concentrations of air contaminations and manners to reduce them

The LEEP includes a list of local investments, which the municipality plans to execute, or assist other municipality stakeholders. Therefore, the LEEP provides for the manner of engagement in the activities of the participants on the local energy market, so called stakeholders, meaning residents, local public entities, entrepreneurs, energy companies, housing cooperatives and management organizations etc.

LEEP implementation may bring measurable benefits. Through the execution of investments indicated in the document, the municipality may create possibilities of local improvement of air quality, enable larger comfort of life of residents, reduce energy consumption in own public utility buildings and, therefore, decrease energy bills and invest saved funds in other activities.

The LEEP is also an important local document for municipalities, which are planning an increase in investments in the coming years, including in the context of use of 2014-2020 EU funds. In case of some activities within axis I of the 2014-2020 Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment (OPI&E), Regional Operational Programmes (ROP) and national funds, a condition to obtain additional financing for new investment is implementation of a low-emission economy plan which indicates the need to perform such activities.

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What do you gain?

We are here to help - it will not cost you anything!

Within this Project, we support municipalities across the country in the preparation, implementation and monitoring the activities planned within the scope of the LEEP as well as updates, meaning on all stages.

The Energy Adviser will help the municipality in drawing up LEEP assumptions, by way of verifying the provisions of the document, during the implementation of the investment, and the manner of monitoring progress. Advisers offer continuous support both in the form of individual consultations and group training.

In case of a positive verification of the document by The National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management [Narodowy Fundusz Ochrony Środowiska i Gospodarki Wodnej, NFOŚiGW) or Partner, a certificate is issued to help the municipality and its stakeholders in obtaining funds for new environment-friendly investments, in particular financed with EU funds.


You can book an appointment or ask

your adviser for more details.


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For whom?

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If you are interested in conducting a training or information & educational activities in the scope of:

  • Renewable energy sources
  • Thermal upgrading of buildings
  • Energy efficiency in residential and public sectors or in an enterprise
  • Low- emission economy
  • Possibility of financial and advisory support for the investment within the scope of Project activities

Contact us!

Our advisers have experience in conducting training for employees of self government entities, social welfare centres and individuals. During conferences or trade fairs, we share latest knowledge on the available financing offer. We also promote energy efficiency among the youngest recipients during educational activities conducted in schools.


You can book a training or ask

your adviser for more details.


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